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We help you make an impact with technology

We analyse user needs and implement open source solutions to put your services on a path of continuous improvement.

Climate change

We are committed to assisting climate change mitigation efforts through our solutions, products and services.

Health Care

We make public and personal health services more accessible with bespoke personalisation and automation solutions.

Customers Engagements

We support our clients’ bottom line through the design and implementation of data and customer behaviour analysis solutions.

Our offering

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Data Science

We are investing in solutions based on data science and machine learning so your company can achieve competitive advantage.

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Mobile and Web Applications

We utilise established technologies in the design process: Flutter, Django, Vue, R, Heroku, AWS. We remain flexible to our clients needs by implementing agile methodology and cloud-based services in our solutions.

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We are implementing project approach and agile methods of process management.

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Join our team of change makers

At Laboratorium EE we are committed to making a positive impact on the world using the most cutting-edge technologies. Whilst we cannot bring this change alone, our work and our projects contribute to resolving some of the most important challenges of our time. To this end we partner with businesses, governments and NGOs.

We focus on solutions
We stimulate creativity
We are not afraid to think for ourselves