one of the most modern digital libraries in the world and the largest such library in Poland.

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2 025 759 objects can be found today in the digital archive of the National Library, including: books, magazines, manuscripts, maps, photographs, drawings, postcards, prints of various kinds, and even music scores.


Together with the National Library and NASK we have created a unique library portal based on social media principles. Easy to search like Google, clear like Pinterest and enabling exchange with friends like Facebook - this is the easiest way to describe the "Polona" service. What was previously a collection of dusty things buried deep in the archives of the largest library in Poland, is now available to everyone in the electronic form (scans) and easy to process.


Thanks to application of the latest technology everyone can search for any image and work with it on their own desktop by copying or cutting out fragments and making their own comments. The service can also create collections and makes it possible to exchange findings. The advanced technology developed by our team serves for easy navigation and intuitive use of the library resources.