- three-module application supporting seniors' memory.

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68% of the entire population of seniors manifest cognitive dysfunctions of varying degrees of severity - as many as 5.47 million people in Poland are affected. At the same time, 65+ seniors are the most digitally excluded group in Poland: only 13% of them take advantage of technology that could improve their quality of life.

Cognitive functions over the age of 65 decrease by as much as 9% every ten years. Although memory as such cannot be repaired, much can be done to keep it in good shape for as long as possible and slow down or halt the decline. This was one of the main tasks of our device, which aims to use the potential of technology to combat social exclusion and cognitive dysfunction.

Instead of starting the design process straight away, we decided to first find out what seniors need, what type of devices they currently have at their disposal and what type of barriers they encounter on a daily basis (not only when it comes to new technologies).


We created a device for seniors designed for:

  • Maintaining the efficiency of the mind
  • Memory transfer
  • Entertainment

The key features of the application are advanced machine learning algorithms - the application learns about the senior over time and that allows to adjust the presented content to the individual needs of the senior and automatically personalise the whole experience.

MEMO applications

Sets of exercises presented in the form of a game that help to maintain the efficiency of the mind. The application learns the seniors and adapts to their abilities. The tasks are collected in 6 thematic groups: "Smile", "Sea", "Shopping and cooking", "Cities", "Health" and "Film and theatre".


A place to collect photos of your memorabilia and corresponding stories. The user captures the image with the camera and then records his related story. The application stimulates memory and allows you to share your stories with your loved ones.


Unique content for every day of the year - curiosities, tips, drawings and holidays. The application is a replacement for a wall calendar.


Using Memo helps older people familiarize themselves with new technologies (and thus indirectly prevents digital and cultural exclusion) but importantly it also helps to stimulate their memory. In particular, it improves the functioning of working memory, which is crucial for the efficient functioning of other cognitive processes. MEMO also supports the establishment and maintenance of intergenerational relations.

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Research and needs analysis - extensive analysis of behaviour and challenges

Prototyping and usability tests, in consultation with seniors

Designing application graphics, considering critique of the target group

Iterative, parallel development of 3 applications; submitting them to Google Play and AppStore shops.

Do you want to create applications for iOS and Android using one budget and in same time?

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