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using Big Data to improve air quality

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Due to the lack of complete data on the insulation of buildings and their heating sources in Poland, it is difficult to act in a coordinated way to improve air quality. We face the problem of lack of access to data on air pollution emissions generated by heating furnaces in buildings. Therefore, we created ZONEapp. We wanted to implement a solution that would allow us to obtain the necessary data and enable our client to analyze it and plan specific actions to reduce the air pollution problem.


During workshops we carefully analyzed the needs of our customers, taking into account the purpose and perspective of key stakeholders. We then developed a prototype, which we tested with users. After applying the comments and improving the prototype, we started iterative product development. We created an application through which data on residential buildings in the municipality are collected. Among other things, we collected data on thermal insulation, the method of insulation and the emission of pollutants by the building. Thanks to these data it is possible to develop an air quality improvement strategy for the whole country.

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How did we create this product?


Prototype form with first database

Testing with the users

Data collection


Climate protection is the most important challenge for humanity. That's why we developed the world's first application using data science to take part in the fight for improving air quality. ZONEapp is designed for people who have the right to inspect residential buildings and carry out recording activities and makes it possible to carry out offline and online inspections on mobile devices.

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