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About us

Laboratorium EE in numbers

We combine youthful energy with mature professionalism in our approach. In our experience, close collaboration and honest communication are the bedrock of any successful project. We are curious about the world and eager to implement new discoveries into our work. We hope that our solutions will bring real change to climate change mitigation and other challenges of this and future generations.

How we work

  1. We are fully committed to each project and deliver tailored solutions to specific client needs.
  2. We reach to the core of each challenge through data analysis.
  3. We believe in what we do.
  4. We are ambitious, creative and we never give up.
  5. We care about the society – we look for and implement solutions that improve the quality of life in the areas of health, ecology and e-Government.
  6. The user is always at the center of our design process.
  7. We value innovation and continuously seek improvement over established ways of thinking.
  8. We reuse existing solutions when appropriate.

Our mission

  1. We define the core of the problem
    We always search for a bespoke solution on an individual basis. We often find our clients confused about WHAT they want to achieve. They may lack the knowledge of HOW to do it. Very often they are also unsure WHY they need a particular solution or forget about asking this question in the first place. Following Simon Sinek’s approach, we assist our clients in defining the problem and we restore the WHY-HOW-WHAT logic.
  2. We make IT solutions cost efficient
    We are fascinated by the problems we tackle and the design process itself. We analyse data, we take stock of our findings and create solutions. In our experience there is always more than one way of delivering results. Therefore, we collaborate with our clients to find the most effective solutions whilst keeping the budgets lean.
  3. We educate our clients and broaden their perspectives
    We engage our clients in the development process. A close collaboration between our Scrum Master and a Product Owner on the client’s side provides a competitive edge – both through an efficient development process and a more bespoke product. Another positive spillover of this collaboration is sowing the seeds of the agile approach within our client’s organisation, which translates into greater capacity for innovation in the long-term.

Our story

Our team has worked with 120 clients and completed 250 IT projects over the last 11 years. Laboratorium EE is now an established technological brand specialising in the design and implementation of digital products and services using cloud, mobile and artificial intelligence technologies. We focus on projects that bring positive social change through technology and design.

Some of our clients include: the Polish National Library, the Research and Academic Computer Network, Orange, Agora S.A. Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (the Polish national development bank), Comarch, the Polish Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, PayU, the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs, Shipyard – Centre for Social Innovation and Research. We always found the achievement of broader social and business goals in our projects on a thorough understanding of end-user needs.

Some of our projects include:
Projekt Memo
Kultura Dostępna

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