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If you are a person who is not afraid of challenges, you know what Scrum is and you have the need to create IT products with a social impact, send us your CV regardless of the recruitment process. We'd love to get to know you.

We invite all applicants who want to leave a positive mark on the world. Make sure our values align!



We treat each other with kindness and are open to different perspectives and views. While we may not always agree – we never judge. Each one of us is different, everyone deserves to freely express themselves and be respected.


Everyone is responsible for their work and decisions. We are open to constructive feedback, however, coworkers always support each other even if there is a difference of opinion.


We talk about our problems and setbacks. We know nobody is infallible and mistakes happen. Yet, we trust our skills and are not afraid to apply them. Our mistakes are as important as our successes and we share all these experiences to grow together.


We observe and identify needs around us. We share our ideas. We do not confine ourselves to what we already know and what feels safe. At the same time, all our solutions are always based on a thorough analysis backed with research and data. We avoid reinventing the wheel.


We like to show our competence and are always professional. We commit time to honing our skills, yet we maintain a work-life balance. We treat each other seriously and expect that we can count on one another. We always invite feedback and we are respectful, understanding and thoughtful when giving feedback to others.


We are not afraid to ask questions and we encourage questions towards us. We expect honest and clear answers to difficult questions. Regardless of our function at the company, we are all equal.

Open recruitments

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We want the recruitment process to be short and pleasant. We make every effort to act quickly and effectively. Although we reserve the right to contact selected candidates, reaching the final stage of the recruitment process, you are guaranteed feedback.

Depending on the position, we conduct a short phone call or send a few technical questions by e-mail.

For the second stage we invite you to our office, where we can sit and talk. During the conversation you can receive a task that will test your skills.

Within 7 days from the end of the recruitment process you will receive information about its results.

Do you want to solve humanity's problems with us through the use of innovative technologies?

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