Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

Implementation of agile methodologies


Building a new interdisciplinary team responsible for the implementation of one of the strategic projects of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, analyzing processes optimization opportunities so that they support the team in achieving their goals.


Due to the nature of the project and the needs of the stakeholders we proposed to use Scrum methodology for the team work. To achieve this goal we had to appoint a Product Owner, define competencies of the Development Team members and organize trainings so that all Scrum Team members had all the necessary knowledge to start the project. In the course of work we additionally analyzed processes functioning at that time in order to increase the effectiveness of the team.

The goal that we achieved was to create a model of how the team should operate, to implement it, and to make it independent. In addition, the role of the Laboratorium EE was to identify the strengths and weaknesses of key elements of the manufacturing process - based on the analysis, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego could introduce measures to increase efficiency.


One of the first teams in the Bank's history was trained in Scrum methodology.

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How did we train the team?

Introducing the team to agile methodologies

Process management and event implementation

Active support of the development team by the Agile Coach

Conducting workshops and implementing tools to improve the teams work

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