The CivTech Alliance COP 26 Global Scale Up Programme.

Since the beginning of September, we are a part of The CivTech Alliance COP 26 Global Scale Up Programme. This initiative was created by The CivTech Alliance, an international organization bringing together public and non-governmental entities working in the field of technology, public services and global challenges.

Organizations co-creating The CivTech Alliance come from 5 continents and 16 countries. They are united by the desire to shape the culture of cooperation between the technology sector and the public sector in order to solve global problems.

Thanks to the initiative of the Scottish Government and members of The CivTech Alliance, The CivTech Alliance COP 26 Global Scale Up Programme was launched to accompany the World Climate Change Conference (COP 26) planned for early November 2021 in Edinburgh. The intention of the organizers was to bring together a group of technology companies from around the world that are working in the GreenTech sector. The program provides a unique opportunity to meet decision-makers and potential partners in each of the countries that are members of The CivTech Alliance. It is not only a chance to gather feedback from other companies abour potential of your solution, but also an opportunity to find potential investors interested in your product.  For 7 weeks, participants take part in workshops led by representatives of organizations from 10 countries (including Estonia, Spain, Scotland, USA, Denmark).  The final part of the workshop will be a speech and presentation of your product during the world climate conference COP26 in Edinburgh, November 3-5, 2021.

Through participation in the program, selected companies have the opportunity to take part in a 7-week workshop, which is an opportunity to present their solution and find local partners. Each session is led by a GovTech organization from a different country, with participation from government representatives and other organizations in the sector. Such an interdisciplinary team of participants provides an excellent opportunity to network, attract partners and investors interested in your solution. The goal of the program is to give promising Greentech companies access to decision makers from countries participating in The GovTech Alliance. EE Lab is the only company from Poland to join The CivTech Alliance COP 26 Global Scale Up Programme.

The product with which we joined the programme is GoodWarm - an application for performing quick energy audits. The problem we are focusing on is the low energy efficiency of the building sector, especially residential and municipal buildings. By improving the energy conditions of buildings you can not only save money, but also reduce environmentally harmful emissions. Unfortunately, investments in such initiatives are insufficient, and the reason is the high cost of having an audit performed by a qualified professional. With the GoodWarm app, a user will be able to perform a quick energy audit of their building on their own, just by answering a set of simple questions requiring no specialized knowledge. The benefit for the user will be the knowledge of the thermal conditions of their building, along with suggestions on how to improve it using new technologies in the area of thermal upgrading. The application logic is based on an algorithm provided by the National Energy Conservation Agency (KAPE), which is the strategic partner of the project.

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