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Research project "In the prime of life"

- digital activation of seniors


How to activate and educate seniors who use the Internet? - This was the question we asked ourselves during the implementation of the research and development project "In the prime of life" conducted in cooperation with Orange Polska. The main goal was to create a model of digital education for people aged 65+.


In order to find out what effectively encourages seniors to go online, we conducted qualitative research, held workshops with seniors, and talked to Orange employees about their own experiences in interacting with seniors. We also analyzed available publications, including Orange documents, which allowed us to build on knowledge from previous activities. After conducting research and workshops and analyzing the results, we created a prototype of a digital education tool that makes it easier for older people to navigate the web. Thanks to it they can acquire digital competences more easily and learn how to use new technologies on their own. In addition to the prototype, we created a comprehensive, up-to-date knowledge base on seniors in the context of technology, according to Orange Polska materials and external studies, as well as development of recommendations for communication with the elderly.