design and testing of product potential


We faced the challenge of designing and testing the potential of our client's product prototypes.

In cooperation with Beginning and S360 agencies we conducted a process of preparation and testing of new product prototypes on the financial market for the payment operator PayU. In a short period of time we went through the process of designing a digital product and provided the client with information and data which allowed them to make a decision regarding their further development and implementation.


We designed 5 service prototypes, and then tested them using qualitative and then quantitative research. We conducted in-depth competitive research and cooperated in the preparation of models showing the business potential of products.

We gathered all these data in a synthetic way and prepared recommendations presented during a strategic workshop.


Working with agencies: Beggining and s360 we conducted a multi-stakeholder process combining design, coding, as well as analysis and research. After 10 weeks the client saw how people were reacting to the prototype based on his idea.

We used web scraping (a bot for collecting data from websites) to study the actions of a potential competitor.

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