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Public Data Hackathon

data gathered by public institutions and 30 hours of of programmers work - effects are astounding

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90 people in 17 teams created applications using public data over the weekend, fighting for prizes with a total pool of over PLN 50 000. Three winning projects will be implemented. Prototypes of applications are not the only effect of the first governmental Hackathon of public data in Poland. The Ministry of Digital Affairs treated the event also as a workshop for the administration itself. The work of the programmers allowed for practical verification of the quality and manner of making data available by public institutions. The goal was to use experience of the participants, difficulties they encountered when using public data or other deficiencies and come up with concrete corrective actions for the Ministry of Digital Affairs and other Ministries.


Preparation of the analysis of APIs and databases, which premiered during the Hackathon, its evaluation and preparing instructions explaining how to use them for participants. In addition, we created an example of how to use the accesses so that participants can see how it works in practice. The whole Hackathon - from the concept to the recruitment process to its implementation - was under our care and communication activities.


We were responsible for developing textual and graphic materials, contacting the media, participants and experts. The Twitter profile (@hackathongovpl) created and maintained by us was the main source of information for the media and administration - we reported on an ongoing basis on the entire course of the event, presentations, as well as we prepared a mini report by Periscope, so that you could feel the night atmosphere of the event. In addition to press releases, notes and media support, we also posted photos in social media on an ongoing basis to make you feel like you are in the center of the event. Our work was also the first GIF campaign in public administration - on Facebook and Twitter GIFy caught the attention of the audience. The culmination of the whole event was a film that shows in a nutshell what happened that weekend.