E-service for the publishing industry

powerful web application for publishers


E-ISBN is a powerful web application for publishers developed in 2013. Its main goal was to simplify the procedure of assigning ISBN numbers, i.e. One-Time Standardized Book Numbers. Although having such a number is not mandatory, in practice it facilitates cooperation with publication distributors.


In order to simplify the whole process, we have designed a platform where publishers can manage their publications, automatically increase the pool of ISBN numbers needed and speed up the graphic work (barcode and QR code in graphic form). Additionally, the application allows to collect metadata about written work published in Poland and to connect its database with the service. It can be used both by experienced publishers and those just starting out on the book market. Three sizes of the ISBN number pool (10, 100, 1000) have also been developed with various sizes of publishers in mind. Within the framework of the service development, we were responsible for creating the concept, functional specification and application prototypes. Then, we also provided UX supervision over the graphic design and implementation of the project.