Zasób 1 Laboratorium EE

R&D project “MEMO”

Dynamic development of technology is an increasingly efficient tool to fight social exclusion. In cooperation with “Stocznia” Centre of Research and Social Innovation, the city of Gdynia, and SWPS University we got involved in the R&D project whose aim was to help the seniors.

Our goal was to create a device, which would refer to someone’s memories and at the same time stimulate their brain.

Designers and technology specialists consulted their ideas with the potential users. As a result, they created a furniture prototype with a tactile interface, which displays pictures and movies, and reproduces sounds. The device connects brain games with user’s memories. Its use prevents digital and cultural exclusion, and at the same time stimulates memory of the elderly. MEMO will be available in specialised centres, such as nursing homes or clubs for seniors, as well as in retail.