Zasób 1 Laboratorium EE – a service for local communities was the first Polish service following the trend, which proves increasingly popular – incorporating the citizens into creation of public space. The service was established in 2012, when voting for the initiatives financed by participatory budgets and other IT tools supporting urban activism were not yet omnipresent.

The system is based on the English portal Fix My Street. The main feature of the system is the option to submit flaws of the public space. When a citizen spots an imperfection that requires the intervention from local authorities, he can easily put a pin on the map with a brief description. The flaws are grouped into 5 categories (infrastructure, security, edifices, environment and others). Thanks to the intuitive interface, the users can track the repair progress of the flaws they submitted. Until 2016, fifteen thousand flaws have been reported to Currently, the service is operating in 10 cities.