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Journalism based on data

Politics and public life are the domains which influence the everyday life of each citizen. For some, they’re truly gripping, but many of us don’t want to sacrifice their precious time to dig into complex information concerning our country – constant conflict, half-truths and fake-news are discouraging for most of us. For this reason, along with, we’re preparing a platform which will visualise in what way the decisions made by the Parliament affect directly our lives. We’re aware that making a user bored with complicated charts and figures comes easy – for this reason, one of our main goals is to display the data on the platform in an intriguing and engaging manner, i.e. with the use of visual representation or interactive mini-apps. In order to share with the user the information he might find worthy of reading, the platform will self-learn and predict the preferences of the user.

Algorithms and Big Data analytical tools used by the publisher of, Agora, will browse the website’s resources and search for information suitable for each user. Thanks to the platform, you will stay up-to-date with the discussions in the Parliament, political discussions on Twitter as well as with the nearby locations where you could meet others who support or disagree with a certain decision of the government. In order to prove that politics is not solely the domain of analysts, officers and specialists, we’ll reach out for pop-politics – slightly humorous way of reporting serious matters.

The platform is developed with the mobile-first mindset, as we’re aware that most of us use the web primarily on a mobile device. The project is managed in an agile manner and engages a truly interdisciplinary team – programmers, designers and editors.

In parallel, we’re designing a tool which may prove helpful for the journalists of As part of the platform, a DataStorage tool will be created. It’s an internal database, which would be used in everyday work of editors from

The platform is developed as part of Google Digital News Initiative fund, which had been created to support media and modern journalism.