Zasób 1 Laboratorium EE

“In the prime of life” research project

“How can we motivate and educate seniors, who use internet?” – this is the question we asked ourselves while working on this R&D project, implemented in cooperation with the Orange Foundation. Our main goal was to design a digital education model for those aged 65 and over.

In order to check what encourages the elderly to use the internet, we conducted qualitative research, organised workshops with seniors, and talked to Orange staff about their experiences with elderly clients. We also analysed existing publications, including Orange documents, which allowed us to use the knowledge gathered previously.

On the basis of all this, we created a prototype of a tool for digital education, which facilitates browsing the Web for the elderly.

This tool allows them to gain digital skills and learn how to use new technologies on their own. Except for the prototype, we also created a comprehensive, actual and orderly database about seniors and the internet, on the basis of Orange documents and external sources. We also developed recommendations concerning communication with the elderly.