Zasób 1 Laboratorium EE

E-service for publishing industry

E-ISBN is the web application for publishers, designed in 2013. Its main purpose was to simplify the procedure of International Standard Book Number appointment. Even though such procedure is not obligatory, it facilitates significantly the cooperation between book publishers.

In order to simplify the entire process, we designed a platform on which the publishers can manage their publications, increase the pool of the required ISBN numbers as well as accelerate the graphic processes (through easy-to-use barcode and QR code generators). In addition, the app allows the publishers to gather metadata from the Polish publications and link their database to the service. E-ISBN can be used both by experienced publishers and beginners; taking this into account, three pools of numbers have been created (10, 100, 1000).

During the process of app creation, our tasks included developing the concept, functional specification and prototyping. Subsequently, we supervised graphic works and the process of implementation.