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Digitalization of historical drawings

The inauguration of the cooperation between The National Library of Poland and Bibliothèque Nationale de France was marked by the creation of a virtual exhibition of Jan Piotr Norblin’s prints. This French drawer, who lived and worked in Poland in the 18th century, left an extensive archive of his work in both countries.

Because the whole exhibition is available online, you can access it from every place in the world.

Realistic visualisations of the rooms were created in 3D, leaving an impression of visiting a real exhibition. Visitors can also enjoy an extra feature – a special timeline, arranging all of Norblin’s works in chronological order.

Self-made curators will also be satisfied – we designed a special system for creating one’s own exhibition. Visitors can plan and build consecutive parts, using digital samples. Simple modules make it easy to create rooms and walls, and then put up digitalized prints and their descriptions. Visitors can not only orientate themselves easily in the virtual space, but also zoom in on the chosen fragments of prints.