Zasób 1 Laboratorium EE

Digital services and products for PayU

We supported the well-known online payment operator, PayU, in the process of creating new products and services. In consortium with beginning company as well as creative collaboration agency, we designed and implemented the process of creation of new products, and of improving the existing services, as indicated by the client.

The process that we implemented consisted of the following stages:
– initial desk research (familiarisation with existing materials and products, market benchmarks and other information relevant in the realm of online payments)
– creation of prototype of path to purchase
– tests with the users
– qualitative research (focus groups)
– implementation of corrections and creation of the second series of prototypes
– qualitative research (path to purchase and clickable models)
– implementation of corrections and creation of the final prototype

Our work resulted in, apart from the above model of process of finding new solutions, creation of five entirely new projects in client’s portfolio.