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Our projects

We design and implement digital services and products, which fulfil social needs.
Such range of activities requires a creative and meritocratic team, knowledge of technology, and efficient project management. These are the pillars of Laboratorium EE, which create the value that we deliver to our clients.

R&D project MEMO

Brain fitness for seniors

Data analysis, IT consulting, R&D, User Experience

In the prime of life

Against digital exclusion of the elderly

Data analysis, R&D

Journalism based on data

Information you need available in one place

Data analysis, Applications, R&D, User Experience


A digital archive

Data analysis, IT consulting, Applications, R&D, User Experience


Enjoyable long reads

Applications, User Experience

E-service for publishing industry

Data analysis, IT consulting, Applications, User Experience


Europe mad easier

Applications, User Experience


Find people who wish to help

Data analysis, Applications, R&D, User Experience

Culture Accessible

Find cultural events you can afford

Data analysis, Applications, User Experience

Mapping the defects in the public space

Applications, User Experience

MY POLIS website

Everyday statistics

Data analysis, Applications, User Experience

Orange Studios

Healthy competition

Applications, User Experience

POLONA – Malakh technology

Express zooming

POLONA – search engine

Find exactly what you’re looking for

Digitalization of historical drawings

Virtual exhibition of Norblin prints

Applications, User Experience

Our money app

How do municipalities spend our money?

Data analysis, Applications

Technological specification for

Research and recommendations

IT consulting, R&D

Gamification. Do it yourself! - a publication

Keep sharing the knowledge

Data analysis, R&D

Digital services and products for PayU

The approach focused on the process

R&D, User Experience

Simple means clear

IT consulting, User Experience