Zasób 1 Laboratorium EE

Make IT social

At Laboratorium EE we believe that with the help of technology we can change the world. We use coding to solve real social issues.

We are involved in the projects from their conceptual phase until their completion. We take full responsibility not only for their implementation, but also for the social change that they trigger.

We are changing the society through technology

When we work, our mission is to develop technical solutions, as well as competences of our partners and of the whole society.
We specialize in management of intra-institutional R&D projects. Our aim is a better and more efficient spending of public money on digital services.

We design the solutions with users in mind

We execute our projects with their end-user in mind. We start from understanding the issue and designing a relevant information architecture and information system.

We implement the methods based on participatory design. In order to find the best solutions, we get all the interested parties involved.

Open Source, or why we believe in transparency

We care about the transparency of our actions. We use open source projects and make our projects available to others.

We believe that only a policy of sharing solutions can truly foster development – not only of our partners, but also of the whole programming community. This approach allows us to create unprecedented things.

We manage projects efficiently

We work in the agile way: we use the Scrum technology, so that we can deliver prototypes and products incrementally, quickly and efficiently.

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