Laboratorium EE

Laboratorium EE

if you are here, it means that you are observing how our new website is being created. this is its model. next stages will disclose its subsequent versions. along with them, you will discover the unique ee method of designing innovative solutions on the internet. EE team


Our projects would not be created without close relationship between us and you. In our mission, we aim to make the most of the internet and cutting-edge technologies to create innovative solutions, which applies to each and every task we are commissioned. Look how we succeeded in changing the world, or at least a part of it.

Revolutionary change in sharing of cultural collections, one can not only remotely view the work of the National Library, but also for their work (notes, to recommend, to collect).
Interface of National Digital Library POLONA

Research and development project requested by the National Library and NASK


Common meetings and discussion bring the best results at work. Our methods of work is based on co-design in order to work out the best solutions possible. Therefore our workshops include all interested parties.
We visualise your ideas and thoughts. Then we show and test solutions before they are implemented. A successful website begins with designing perfect architecture of information and its system.
Graphic design
Creating graphic design on the internet includes designing movement and using light from our screens. Therefore graphic design is inextricably linked with programming. Our graphic designers think code.
In our work we apply modular programming. At Laboratorium EE the effects of our work are presented every week. Requirements are set extremely high. Our programmers are natural-born artists.
Testing and implementation
Successful project implementation is key. After all, completing one project marks the beginning of another.

What have we done?

We do the job but care much more than just about the job. Deeply committed to all stages from idea to implementation, not only do we take full responsibility for carrying out our projects, but also for social change they entail.


Do you want to have the job done but you do not know how and if you can afford it? Every client will find the perfect solution and method of co-operation. We are flexible and think co-design. Choose what fits you best. We will help you find the correct path to success.

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